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Creative Kidz Academy. All Rights Reserved.

Infants I: $205.00 weekly


Infant II: $200.00 weekly


Toddlers I: $195.00 weekly


Toddler Two/Young Two's: $190.00 weekly


Preschool I: $190.00 Weekly


Preschool II: $185.00 Weekly


Preschool III: $185.00 Weekly


Part Time (1-3 days a week): $160.00 weekly(only if available)


Drop In Care: $35.00/day


Before / Afterschool Care with transportation: $250.00/monthly


Track Out/Full Week School Age: $100.00 weekly


Teacher Workday: $10.00/day in addition to the monthly tuition rate of $250.00


Early Release Day: $5.00/day in addition to the monthly tuition rate of $250.00


Summer Camp: $400.00 Monthly


Registration Fee: $75.00 (one time fee)


Supply Fee: $80.00 Annually (October each year)


*We do not offer sibling discounts for school age or part time care. Discounts are available for multiple children under the age of five.




Currently we transport to and from the following schools:


--Millbrook Elementry


--Leadmine Elementry


--Abbots Creek Elementry


--Lynn Road Elementry


--North Ridge Elementry


*We also provide care during track out for all four tracks. (limited slots-call for availability)